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All Sunrise products are built in the USA by Jim Kaufman.


Sunrise Pickups are sold in China

by Qingdao Guitar Square.





Updated: November 24, 2021


The 2021 production run of 500 Sunrise Pickups has been SOLD OUT......

EXCEPT..... for a few Sunrise Pickups in the

Sunrise Online Store


The 2022 Sunrise production run of 500 Sunrise Pickups will begin January 2, 2022.






Jim Kaufman

Sunrise Pickup Systems

2635 Lavery Court

Unit 9

Thousand Oaks, CA 91320 USA

Tel: 818-785-3428



All Sunrise products are built in the USA by Jim Kaufman.




The Installation Kits that are supplied with the Sunrise S-2

are available as an individual item listed as part number S-Kit.

You can purchase these factory direct or from your Sunrise dealer.

Click on the link:

Sunrise Online Store




Jeff Tweedy




London Royal Albert Hall

Richard Thompson

70th Birthday Celebration







Michael Theroux

From the Celtic band:

Shamrock City







The Rolling Stones

in Rehearsals Los Angeles CA

September 21, 2016




Kris Roche from Japan



Mark Hanson






Emmylou Harris

The Wilma Theater Missoula Montana







Dave Grohl


Academy Awards In Memoriam Performance 2016



Magazine Ad Zenbu Japan




Isato Nakagawa and Kotaro Oshio








John Butler

Scott Law

Joni Mitchell

Phil Ochs

Bob Weir







25 Year Sunrise Anniversary

Gray with silver embossed Sunrise


250 Numbered Limited Edition Sunrise Pickups.

Available January 2010

Sold Out December 2010




Feature article

Acoustic Guitar Magazine (Japan)

sunrise article




Kotaro Oshio

Acoustic Guitar Magazine (Japan)





Norah Jones


Keith Richards